Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stake the Vampire Fuhrer...

Was Hitler a Vampire? We know he was heavily into the occult. We know that he had a special unit of Vampires hidden within his SS (see below letter) led by a Colonel 'Dracule' - but he also worked with reanimators of the dead, with Lycanthropes, necrotic mages - so what exactly was Hitler?

The chances are we'll never know until the papers of the Allied 'Special Occult Squadron', led by Captain Richard Harker are finally released. Or that the private papers of Lord Godalming, Arthur Holmwood himself are released, in particular the wartime years at the end of his life, when he set up the SOS to stop the oncoming Vampire / Zombie / Werewolf Third Reich menace.

Were the Third Reich to be cannibals? Vampires? Feral? Only time will tell.

But - until then, this was a popular propaganda poster in the backwaters of Romania, in particular the Borgo Pass, Transylvania...

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