Friday, 25 September 2009

Keep Calm & Carry On

One of the most iconic posters of the Second World War was the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON one, now a cult icon and a poster that adorns many a student's wall.

But what isn't known by many is that this poster was never used, and the only reason that it is known today is because a pair of shop owners found one of the few remaining un-pulped posters and placed it beside their till, printing copies of it after they received countless enquiries on whether it was for sale.

The uncredited Civil Servant that created the design will never be known, but what is knows is that this was one of four designs during the war - and in the war against the Supernatural, one of these in particular was crucial in keeping the spirits of the British populace.

Found in particular around Highgate, Whitby, Bermondsey, Purfleet and Picadilly, this poster was, in it's day far more known that it's now famous cousin - perhaps a reflection of the lessening need to be vigilant against the Nazi Vampires that invaded our fair island...

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