Monday, 5 October 2009


We're live!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stake the Vampire Fuhrer...

Was Hitler a Vampire? We know he was heavily into the occult. We know that he had a special unit of Vampires hidden within his SS (see below letter) led by a Colonel 'Dracule' - but he also worked with reanimators of the dead, with Lycanthropes, necrotic mages - so what exactly was Hitler?

The chances are we'll never know until the papers of the Allied 'Special Occult Squadron', led by Captain Richard Harker are finally released. Or that the private papers of Lord Godalming, Arthur Holmwood himself are released, in particular the wartime years at the end of his life, when he set up the SOS to stop the oncoming Vampire / Zombie / Werewolf Third Reich menace.

Were the Third Reich to be cannibals? Vampires? Feral? Only time will tell.

But - until then, this was a popular propaganda poster in the backwaters of Romania, in particular the Borgo Pass, Transylvania...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Keep Calm & Carry On

One of the most iconic posters of the Second World War was the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON one, now a cult icon and a poster that adorns many a student's wall.

But what isn't known by many is that this poster was never used, and the only reason that it is known today is because a pair of shop owners found one of the few remaining un-pulped posters and placed it beside their till, printing copies of it after they received countless enquiries on whether it was for sale.

The uncredited Civil Servant that created the design will never be known, but what is knows is that this was one of four designs during the war - and in the war against the Supernatural, one of these in particular was crucial in keeping the spirits of the British populace.

Found in particular around Highgate, Whitby, Bermondsey, Purfleet and Picadilly, this poster was, in it's day far more known that it's now famous cousin - perhaps a reflection of the lessening need to be vigilant against the Nazi Vampires that invaded our fair island...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

In 1914 They Knew What To Do...

Werewolves can be tricky beasts to kill. Sunlight, stakes, holy water - utterly useless when fighting a Lycrantrope, Loup-Garou or Hexenwulf.

But there is something that can kill a Nazi Dog Squad dead - and that's silver. Using a silver blade, a silver bullet - these things kill them deader than Hitler's chances in Russia.

And during the First World War, people knew this. They knew that they had to kill the Werewolves fast - and so posters like this appeared all over the country...

Monday, 21 September 2009

From the War Museum...

This was found recently in the vaults of the British War Museum, proof that the OSS and British Intelligence were working together during the war to stop the Nazi Vampire and Werewolf menace...

Click to enlarge.

First Post - What's this all about?

Almost two years ago, I was challenged by my Celebrity US Chum David 'High Moon' Gallaher to create a web comic.

In my years of writing, in TV, radio, newspaper / magazine, stage, comics, whatever - I'd never written something purely for the web medium. David's words hit home and I decided that I would indeed look at this.

And over the last year I put together something. And I had help with some great artists who helped me out, more of which in October, when I'm allowed to properly speak about this.

You see, I can't show you this, talk about this until October. But what I can do is tease you, hint at you, provide you with the build up to one of the biggest things that both Stefano and I have been involved with.

Some of you know this already. Some of you have no clue. So all I can say is keep checking back here regularly until the 5th of October, at 5pm GMT, 12pm EST - when the pages go up, the name is officially given, and V-Day, 'Vampire Day' begins. And at that point, I'll need your help. Each and every one of you.

Because without you... They win.