Monday, 21 September 2009

First Post - What's this all about?

Almost two years ago, I was challenged by my Celebrity US Chum David 'High Moon' Gallaher to create a web comic.

In my years of writing, in TV, radio, newspaper / magazine, stage, comics, whatever - I'd never written something purely for the web medium. David's words hit home and I decided that I would indeed look at this.

And over the last year I put together something. And I had help with some great artists who helped me out, more of which in October, when I'm allowed to properly speak about this.

You see, I can't show you this, talk about this until October. But what I can do is tease you, hint at you, provide you with the build up to one of the biggest things that both Stefano and I have been involved with.

Some of you know this already. Some of you have no clue. So all I can say is keep checking back here regularly until the 5th of October, at 5pm GMT, 12pm EST - when the pages go up, the name is officially given, and V-Day, 'Vampire Day' begins. And at that point, I'll need your help. Each and every one of you.

Because without you... They win.

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